T-Erudite Ship Managers Private Limited (T-Erudite) is an India based ship management company, the promoters of which have decades of experience in ship-owning and operating, being engaged in the global transportation of dry bulk commodities.

Founded in 2017 with an initial fleet of two bulk carriers and a simple business model, T-Erudite has evolved into a well-respected ship manager with a growing fleet consisting of dry bulk vessels and tankers under various Flags.

In addition to providing technical, operational and crew management services, the Company also assists the owners in strategy, project planning and execution.

The operational culture of our business

promulgates practices for continual improvement in
  • safety,
  • environmental protection and
  • operational efficiency;
strives to ensure compliance with
  • legal and mandatory requirements,
  • international codes and standards and
  • the best industry practices.


Our Corporate value has always been high standard of maintenance of assets to ensure reliable service to our customers, in a safe and environmentally sound way with a commitment towards continuous improvement.

With a comprehensive ship management system in place, the Company has been proactively meeting the requirements of independent vetting inspections of the fleet.

Prompt and effective communication between shore office and the fleet ensures that they function in unison, contributing towards navigational and operational safety.

At T-Erudite, we remain committed to operational excellence to achieve the ultimate objectives of Zero Accident, Zero pollution, Zero detentions and Zero down time.