Training & Mentoring

The Company recruits Deck Cadets and Assistant Engineers as part of its Seafarer’s Development Program

Deck Cadets

The Company recruits Deck Cadets for a shipboard structured training program on vessels in their fleet. The 2 categories of Deck Cadets are as follows:

  1. DNS – 12 months pre-sea training at a DG Shipping approved Maritime Training Institute, followed by an 18 month shipboard structured training program. The Company sponsors such cadets.
  2. B. Sc. (NS) – 3 Year Degree Course at a DG Shipping approved Maritime Training Institute followed by a 12 month shipboard structured training program.

Assistant Engineers

The Company also recruits graduate marine engineers to serve as Assistant Engineers on board. A minimum of 6 months sea time is required by DG Shipping to be eligible to appear for Class IV examination.

The Company through its past experience however, provides a 9 month structured training tenure on board, as it has proved to be very productive which is evidenced by the performance of the Trainees in obtaining their MOT-Class IV Certificates of Competency, without delay.

Progress Evaluation Program

As required by DG Shipping the training progress of all Deck Cadets and Assistant Engineers is monitored vide their respective TAR Books. To enhance the training, our Company runs a parallel module based Progress Evaluation Program to periodically track & assess performance and provide counselling, with the objective of motivating and furthering their over-all progress.

Mentoring Program

As part of our Professional Development & Career Enhancement Program, the Company has developed an on board Progress Evaluation Module. The objective of this exercise is to ensure that every officer is duly groomed and evaluated for promotions through defined tasks with respect to his/her next Rank. As part of the mentoring program, the seniors on board provide guidance during the learning process & the period of change, share expertise and experiences; all this with a clear goal of continuous professional growth.

The Company monitors the progress of an Officer from the time he/she is a 3rd Officer or 4th Engineer, until he/she reaches the pinnacles of their respective Sea Careers (i.e. the Rank of Master or Chief Engineer).